We love and appreciate the natural setting of Woodland Camp Site, so we ask everyone to co-operate with us.

Please, help keep our park clean and tidy. Help to ensure that our park remains a peaceful, relaxed and enjoyable environment for everyone.


New Terms & Conditions Document

We have a new Terms and Conditions document that is part of our guests contract.  It is posted here so that guests may review this document in advance. Click here to view.




  • Smoking is not permitted at the beach, washrooms, office and common areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed on your camp site only (not to be carried around the park).  Only plastic, no glass!
  • No guns, fireworks, dirt bikes, ATV’s or chain saws.
  • No Jet Skis or Personal Watercraft
  • Watch and obey speed limits (children are playing on the roads).
  • Please rinse and recycle in appropriate containers, paper and cardboard can be burnt. No tires or BBQ tanks.
  • Noise must be kept at a reasonable level during the day and evening.
  • Quiet time is 11pm to 8am. Please respect your neighbours privacy and space.
  • No pets.
  • The owners and staff of Woodland Camp Site reserve the right to decline any visitor entry into the park.

  • All season campers are to notify staff if leaving the park ASAP/or before May 1st.
  • One camper unit, family (2 adults & 4 children) per site and one car. Second car is to be in assigned parking area, Additional fees apply.
  • Season pass may be purchased for dependent children (students over 18). Parents must be on site.
  • Season fees, deposits and winter storage payment are not transferable, nor are they refundable.
  • New Season campers trailers must be 20yrs or newer.
  • Gate cards are not to be given to visiting family and friends they are to register at the office upon arrival before 8pm, or the next day by 12 noon! If not, additional fees may apply.
  • If your adult children, family or friends are using your trailer and you are not present, the day rate applies. They must register and pay on arrival.
  • If you wish your visitor to drive to your site, then please bring your car to the visitor parking and inform office.
  • Trailer owner is responsible for the actions & safety of their children and guests.
  • If you are selling your trailer, present season campers have 1st choice to that site. If no one is interested it may then be sold on site.
  • All boats must be stored in designated area. No boats may be stored on a site!
  • Sheds are to be small plastic/Rubbermaid type and first approved by park management.
  • Decks cannot be longer then the length of the trailer and no deeper than 10 ft. Note: a building permit is required.
  • Any changes in rates or policies are posted at the office. $50.00 late payment fee will be added to your account starting June 1st and then every month after. Late fees also apply closing of Labour Day.
  • Trailer owners will be responsible for any government taxes or fees.
  • All information that you provide will remain confidential.

  • Sites consist of 1 trailer, 1 deck no larger than the length of the trailer and 10’ wide.
  • Decks (no chip board) built in sections, with 2 steps out of your trailer.
  • Site projects must be discussed and approved by management. Tin sheds and fences are not allowed.
  • Storage boxes are to be Rubbermaid type not to high/ approved by management.
  • Sites are to be kept neat and clean, do not paint rocks.
  • Satellite dish locations need approval. Trailer type aerials only, no towers.
  • Do not damage trees, no nails, wire etc…


Transient Lakeside Sites
Transient Lakeside Sites

Enjoy being on waters edge with our amazing transient sites

Canoe, Kayak & Boating
Canoe, Kayak & Boating

Bring your own or rent from us.  Seasonal and Transient guests have free usage of boat launch.

Tennis & Basketball
Tennis & Basketball

Enjoy the sports pad for tennis, basketball and street hockey

Beach & Water Toys
Beach & Water Toys

Relax at our fantastic child friendly beach with water toys and swim platform.